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Cranberry Coconut Drops

If you love coconut then this is the recipe for you! These Cranberry Coconut Drops are delicious and light, from using the HOSTESS SLIM SPREAD from CGA Ltd and best of all they are Gluten Free!

Coconut Drops-7.jpgWith a definite crunch from the coconut, a touch of sweetness from the cranberries and the brown sugar, it’s the perfect snack for afternoon tea or your morning coffee break.

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Cayenne Garlic & Ginger Tea

I would be the first to admit that eating clean, gluten free and candida friendly is a difficult process that takes quite a bit of will power to stay on track. For the past couple of weeks, although I have been eating well, I’ve still been cheating. Having a little browning here and there, a glass of my favorite Merlot and to my own detriment cheese. So lets just say it’s been a rough couple of days.  Continue reading “Cayenne Garlic & Ginger Tea” »