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Gluten Free Grapefruit Pound Cake


Enjoy the sweet & tangy flavours of grapefruit in this delicous Gluten Free Grapefruit Pound Cake! A great afternoon tea treat that is sure to please.

Trinidad Corn Pie (Gluten Free)

Naturally gluten free and delicious, our Gluten Free Trinidad Corn Pie recipe is easy and a great addition to your Sunday or Weekday meals!

Gluten Free Macaroni Pie


Enjoy this Gluten Free remake of the popular Trinidad Macaroni Pie side dish. Easy and delicious, this recipe is a treat for the whole family to enjoy!

Easy Butter Chicken


Enjoy the flavous of India in this Easy Butter Chicken recipe. Creamy and smooth with a hint of spice. Served over Basmati Rice for a gluten free treat!

Quinoa Salad


Full of veggies and flavor this quinoa salad is deliciousness in every bite!

Easy Ground Beef Tacos


Add this quick and healthy Taco recipe to your new year’s list of foods. Perfect for lunch or dinner.



Enjoy this classic Trinidadian treat made gluten free, vegan and super delish!

Recipe Collection: Local Favorites 


Featuring 8 of our favorite local recipes all 100% gluten free and delicious. Recipes include Macaroni Pie, Sweet Bread and more!


Hi there, I’m Renee’ and welcome to Off The Wheaten Path, a food blog focusing on gluten free and healthy eat. (with some sweet additions, because I love cake!)

We’re remaking some of my favorite recipe and creating some new ones along the way. We’re so glad you decided to check out our journey!

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