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Gluten Free Coconut Bake!


It’s finally here! Our gluten free coconut bake is ready and waiting for your to bake and enjoy with your next meal!

Easy Healthy Coleslaw


Simple and delicious, our Garden to Table coleslaw is made with fresh ingredients from the garden and it’s full of flavour!

Butter Cassava (Yuca)


Enjoy this simple but delicious side dials with your next lunch  or dinner. Sauted in butter this Cassava is full of flaovur and a real winner!

Prosecco Mimosas


A refreshing drink on a hot day or the perfect addition to your brunch men, these Prosecco Mimosas are a delicious treat with a unique twist!

Find the right recipe for you:

The New Year is almost upon us. Get some inspiration for healthy eating with these delicious recipes.

Banana Poppyseed Muffins


Make these delicously easy muffins for breakfast or snack! A great healthy treat to enter into the new year.



A time of Fasting, Prayer and Spiritual Growth. Over the next 90 days, we’ll be partaking in the Nineveh 90. Click here for recipes and more!

Quinoa Salad

Full of veggies and flavor this quinoa salad is deliciousness in every bite!

Easy Ground Beef Tacos

Add this quick and healthy Taco recipe to your new year’s list of foods. Perfect for lunch or dinner.


Hi there, I’m Renee’ and welcome to Off The Wheaten Path, a food blog focusing on gluten free and healthy eat. (with some sweet additions, because I love cake!)

We’re remaking some of my favorite recipe and creating some new ones along the way. We’re so glad you decided to check out our journey!

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Filled with gluten free recipes to make Christmas fun and delicious. It makes the perfect gift for yourself or all those gluten free eaters and bakers in your life.

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