Let the Melee Begin! TRINI MELEE a Gluten Free Cookbook Like No Other


This day has been long in the making I can finally say that out Caribbean Cookbook is finally available and ready to order! I am proud to introduce Trini Melee!

Honestly when I started this project, I had no idea how it would have turned out. This project has been bouncing around in my head for over 2 years and it was only during the lockdown time earlier this year that I was able to really focus and bring the project to life. 

And to life it came!

Trini Melee was born! Not that I knew what it was going to be called. I kept referring to it as the Local Cookbook. But one of my very dear friends who I bounce ideas off of, gave me the name and it just stuck. From that moment on I was able to create an outline that has brought me here to where I can say it is published. 

However, I am a procrastinator at heart. (As I’ve said before in my Planning the New Year Post.  So getting the project off the ground and finished was a real point of focus. And I wanted to add so much that it probably would never have finished. So instead, Trini Melee will be series of cookbooks! This is what I call Volume One, and in addition to some other projects, volume Two will be realized some time next year with even more, Trini Melee favorites.

But back to the cookbook at hand. Trini Melee is a collection of gluten free recipes from my Trini kitchen to yours. It has recipes for appetizers or Small Bites as I like to call them, Side Dishes, Main Course or the Main Melee as it is referred to in the cookbook, and Sweet Treats like a Guava Jam Swiss Roll and my Grandmother’s Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Plus we’ve got a cocktail or two thrown in for good measure. 

This cookbook has also been the launch for a new addition to the blog, where we will be focusing on some lifestyle additions, and creating a publishing company for those interested in learning how to self publish and providing quality designs for their projects.

It truly is a great time here at Off The Wheaten Path and I truly hope that you enjoy Trini Melee and recommend it to others. Not because I want to sell the cookbook (haha of course I do!) But there really is no other cookbook like it out there.

There are so many Caribbean Cookbooks and Trinidadian ones out there but none that focus on us, the gluten free eaters. And that is what gave me the drive to finish this one. (Along with my friend who is actually a gluten free eater like me and a Life Coach and Author. You can check her out here on IG SoapBoxEdtt.)

So please share the news of Trini Melee!

To order your copy, it’s available on Amazon with this link here. And if you’re looking for some Christmas Favs, check out my first cookbook Homemade For the Holidays. We already have some projects in the works, including recipe journals, and gratitude journals that will be available for order soon!

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