Planning a SMART 2020 – Part One


Hi I’m Renee and I am a procrastinator!

I have so many things to do, and want to do, but I keep putting them off saying to myself I’ve got time or this isn’t the right time and I end up getting myself worked up trying to rush things and get to all done.

But I determined to make 2020 better and I’m inviting you to join me!

For the first time in a while I’m starting off the new year with a month semi-free of work that I can focus on the things I want to do and accomplish. So armed with my happy planner & my journal I’m taking hold of the new year and not letting it control me. Some of you might be familiar with this. Feeling like you’ve started off the new year with a bang and then feel that control slipping away within the first quarter. 

Not this year! 2020 I’m taking you head on and making it a great year!

Here’s what my playbook looks like!

Our Goal Setting & Planning Tools


You can use any planner, but I love The Happy Planner planning system. With so many choices and the ability to customize pages with my handy punch, it’s the top of my list. Plus I love my faith and with their faith planners I can combine my Faith with my everyday life and have a sort of balance.


Journalling is a great tool for expressing yourself. Whether it be musing from the heart, your deepest fears and dreams, journaling can help you discover those things you want to accomplish in your life, with yourself, your family and God. There’s no right or wrong way to journal, simply start writing and you’ll be surprised at how your expressions will flow

Pens and Markers

I love stationary, as with most of you I’m sure! I collect pens, post-its and markers. I was also an art student so in my collection I have the TOMBOW Dual Brush Pens, Micron Pens and Prisma Colored Pencils, but you don’t need these to create beautiful planners and journals. 

They have some great alternatives out there that are more affordable and work just as well. Try Crayola, Staedaler and Bic, I’ve used these as well with great results.


Who doesn’t love stickers? As a child we always looked forward to getting sticker books, or a sticker from our teacher when we did a good job. With planning stickers are such a great way to add some color, give a little extra pizazz and highlight things in a pretty way. There are a lot of stickers out there that you can purchase for your planners that will suit your theme.

Check out these websites that have free printable ones that can be cut and used in your planner.

Once you’ve gathered your tools. It’s time to get goal setting!

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