Planning a SMART 2020 – Part Two


The New Year always seems to set of this trend of making resolutions and getting a new start. I guess it’s because there is a definite end of something; the ending of one year, and the beginning of something; the start of a new year. And with 2020, we also start a new decade, and I’m all for staring off this new year and decade Strong and Smart!

In our previous post we talked about the different tools that we use to plan, set our goals and keep moving forward We’ve gathered our tools and now it’s time to start setting our Goals! 

Goals vs Resolutions

Everyone is always talking about making resolutions for the new year, but I think it should actually be New Year’s Goals instead of resolutions. A Resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something. A Goal is the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. 

And if you think about it, every year we create a list of things we want to accomplish, things were aiming for. We make a list of GOALS.

Every year I would sit on New Year’s Eve with a long sheet of paper and write all the things that I want to accomplish for 2020. I will admit that some of them are realistic, others I’ll probably accomplish in another lifetime.

If you’re like me you make a list of dozens of items and accomplish maybe a quarter of the list. For me that is my problem, too many goals on my list and some of them aren’t SMART.

Goal Setting Done SMART!

You may have heard the phrase ‘make SMART goals.’ This actually refers to an acronym that helps you to set good goals and make sure that you achieve them. You could just write your goals and be done with that, but this technique helps ensure that your goals are: →

It helps make the process more productive and ensure goal achievement.

So now that we’ve gathered our tools, gotten a clear vision of how we’re going to set out goals, it’s time for goal setting!

When it comes to making a list of goals or pondering what goals you would like to achieve, here are some questions that you can ask yourself:

  • What are my health goals?
  • What do I want to achieve health wise in 2020?
  • Where am I with God & Faith?
  • Am I happy with my job?
  • Am I happy with my life choice?
  • How is my relationship with my family and friends?

These are just a few questions, but spend some time in silence, think about your life and the different aspects, Health, Family, Relationships, God, Work etc. and see if there is anything in those areas that you want to make a change for the better in 2020. And remember even if you its a small goal, or you think the goals are a little silly or unrealistic, don’t lose hope, nothing is impossible with God as long as you have faith.

For help setting your goals download our

Goal Setting Worksheet

Happy Goal setting and planning everyone!

I pray that you have a prosperous, successful and productive 2020!

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