Mum Cooks Dinner


I’m sure we all have those memories of our mums cooking us dinner. It’s usually one of our favorite meals, or something we haven’t eaten in a while. Today, for my mum, it was all about how fast I can get dinner on the table. And as a result, she cooked and simple meal, which is still one of my favourites: Curried Chicken, Potato and Channa (Garbanzo), over Coconut Milk Rice. (Just thinking about it makes my mouth water!)IMG_6129.JPGIt’s a simple one pot meal that is delicious, easy and perfect for those quick dinners. The Chicken, Potato and Channa are simmered with a curry powder blend and different seasonings, while the rice is cooked in fresh coconut milk that we make ourselves. It’s one of those meals that are just comforting and brings good memories of food and family.

I’m not sure if I’ll get her recipe right (because she’s been making it so long she doesn’t follow one), but I’m going to try until I do, so that I can share this great meal with you!!! Hopefully it won’t take too long.

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