Day One – And the Hydroponic Journey Begins…

Today we started our journey on growing veggies hydroponically using a sharp sand method. Let’s just say it going to be quite interesting to see how they grow.

We started by mixing our fertilizer mixture and letting it sit overnight to dissolve in our barrel of water. We mixed

  • 12 tbsps – 12:12:17:2+TE,
  • 6.5 tbsps – Calcium Nitrate
  • 3.5 tbsps  Magnesiun Sulphate (Epson Salts)

Next day we started by filling our prepared pots with sharp sand and laying them out on our surface.

We then transplanted our seedlings into the sand and watered them until the solution slightly drained.


Now it’s just to wait and see!!!

Just have to remember to water them with fertilizer twice a day for the first six days and flush with water on the seventh and then start all over again.

This will be interesting to see! (Especially for me who thought you can only plant in soil.)


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