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  1. […] I know I’ve said this before, I may not be Italian, but Italy is in my heart! One of my favorite dishes in the world is Gnocchi. There’s just something about the combination of potato and flour in a tomato sauce that makes these pillows of goodness irresistible. But of course traditional Gnocchi is made with flour which is a no no. So what did I do?!?!?! I created a gluten free recipe that is so close to the gluten version, that you can’t tell the difference. That recipe is available here. […]

  2. Hi. I can’t have dairy. Want can I substitute for the yoghurt in this recipe? Are you on instagram? If not I can send it to you.

  3. Looks great and easy to follow.Was going to get a pre-made Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix,but you’ve inspired me haha.Cheers and thank you(:

  4. Is corn flour the same as corn meal? And if not, could I just blend corn meal into a more fine powder/flour? I don’t think I’ve ever seen “corn flour” in a store. But maybe I’m just blind. Lol

    • Hi, loll. No worries, They are basically the same, except the flour is finer than the meal. You could grind it down to get more of flour like consistency. However corn starch is a different thing.

  5. Hi, I haven’t really looked for xylitol but guess I can get it at those whole food stores as haven’t looked but can I use honey or maple syrup instead as trying not to use sugar in my toddler’s food.

    • Hi, I usually get it in the Gourmet stores. You can try the maple syrup but you may need to decrease some of the liquid as it might get to watery, so I’m not sure how it will work. But I have made it with coconut sugar and it works.

  6. If you roll it thinner and wrap it over carefully like a calzone you get a nice crunchier crust on both sides. I brushed some olive oil on the top. Also, I put the cheese down before the sauce to prevent the bottom dough from becoming wet before it could cook. It was delicious.
    I had also tried the basic pizza crust but the calzone was much nicer as the dough cooked better when thinner.
    Thanks for the recipe-I have been looking for a gf pizza crust that tastes good for a long time.

  7. They look delicious! I am also fascinated by how various foods from India get a fusion version as we migrate. My site Indfised is also about Indian and Indian fusion in America.

  8. Love the article and suggestions Renee! Personally, I’m liking the grain free Thumbprint and the Lemon Crinkle cookies. Now let’s see which one of my children my children I can get to make them for me.😁

  9. always looking for fun GF recipes for family and co-workers. what is green seasoning? thanks so much for sharing.