Garden to Table….this week in the garden. 

It’s harvesting time for some of our veggies and we’re saying good bye to the old and hello to the new. Making room for the new seedlings!

Growing your own food is such a rewarding experience. Seeing it go from seeds to actual food that you can eat, is truly amazing.

This weekend we restocked the garden by harvesting some of the old veggies and getting new and different ones to fill our troughs.

For the old plants we harvested:

Pak Choi
Chive and celery

For the new plants we transplanted:

Plus the strawberries have fruits!

Some thought we were joking when we said we’re growing Strawberries. But they are growing and we have fruits.

And the hydroponics are doing great!!

All the plants are thriving and they’re doing better than the ones in regular soil.

Grown in soil.

Grown in sharp sand hydroponic method.

It’s two weeks and counting. Can’t wait to see what they look like in another two weeks!

Stay tuned…the adventure continues.


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