• how to make gluten free zucchini muffins

    Gluten Free Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

    July 21, 2021 offthewheatenpathtt

    Have your veggies and your Chocolate fix too with these moist, refined sugar free, Gluten Free Chocolate Zucchini Muffins.

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  • Saheena Bites | Gluten Free & Vegan

    July 22, 2020 offthewheatenpathtt

    Enjoy a Taste of East India with these easy and delicious Saheena Bites! A blend of Dasheen Bush or Taro Leaves in a batter that is deep fried and served with chutney. It’s like having a party in your mouth!

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  • Crunchy or Chewy?!?!

    May 15, 2018 offthewheatenpathtt

    When it comes to chocolate chip cookies, there always seems to be the debate about whether they should be crunchy or chewy. For me it’s just a matter of taste!! Soft, chewy, crunchy…it doesn’t matter to me as long as it tastes great!! And these Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies fall into the Crunchy category, but one thing for sure is they are a winner in the flavor category!

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  • gluten free pumpkin walnut spiced loaf

    Vegan Pumpkin Walnut Spiced Loaf

    October 31, 2017 offthewheatenpathtt

    It may not be fall in the Caribbean, but I love fall flavors. There’s just something about the combo of pumpkin, cinnamon, apple and spice that call to me on a bakers level. They pair together so perfectly that I just can’t help but find ways of using them in my baking creations. That’s how I came up with this delicious pumpkin loaf.

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  • Making Over The Old PB&J

    July 13, 2017 offthewheatenpathtt

    I know I’ve said this before but I have many favorite foods, and among those favorites Peanut Butter and Jelly is right there at the top. There’s just something about the nuttiness of the peanuts and the sweet fruitiness of the jam that calls to me on so many levels.

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  • Let’s Go Nuts!!! 

    May 5, 2017 offthewheatenpathtt

    I love granola, but it’s so hard to find one that’s just the way I like it: nutty, crunchy and a bit salty sweet. So instead of continuing the hunt I decided to create my own with fillings that I like.

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