How to Make Kombucha at Home (4 Easy Steps)


Forget the store bought stuff, save money and create your own flavors with our simple How To Make Kombucha at Home guide.

Just last week I was in the health store and as I glanced the chilled section I saw a bottle of kombucha. Just out of curiosity I checked the price and it floored me. I could not believe how expensive it was to purchase when I know how cheap it can be to make it at home.

Now I will admit, making kombucha at home does take some practice, and it can be a bit time consuming. Especially if you’re creating them in batches. But I can say from experience that making it at home is very accomplishing. And much easier than you think.

After what seems like a hundred batches I’m not saying that I’m an expert, but I have worked out most of the kinks and now I make kombucha at home almost with my eyes closed.

What is Kombucha?

For those who aren’t exactly sure what kombucha is, it is pronounced: Kom-boo-cah, is a flavored fermented cold tea that is commonly consumed due to its health benefits.

It gets these healthy properties as a result of the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) which imparts probiotics and other gut healthy ingredients onto the tea while it ferments. It is slightly sweet, a little bit sour, and a bit fizzy, but all around delish!

How to Make Kombucha at Home?

Making kombucha at home is quite simple. There are two different methods you can use; Continuous Brew or Batch Brewing. In our little kitchen we use the batch brewing method.

For more on continuous brewing see this link.

Kombucha Ingredients

The ingredients for making Kombucha are quite simple:

  • Black Tea or Green Tea
  • White Sugar
  • Bottle Water
  • SCOBY + Starter

Kombucha Tools

With these simple ingredients and tools, you’ll be on your way to making your first batch of Kombucha at home.

Kombucha Process

Making Kombucha can be broken down into a few steps

Step One:

Make your master sweet tea recipe. This is made by brewing the black tea, sweetening with sugar, then adding the sweetened mixture to your brew vessel. Once tea is cool to room temperature, you will add the SCOBY as well as the starter liquid.

Step Two:

Cover your jar with the fabric and secure with a rubber band. Place the brew vessel in a dark place, such as a cupboard in the kitchen. You want to keep if away from flies and also from other contaminants in the kitchen such as oil and flavoring from cooking.

Step Three:

Let sit and ferment for up to about 7 days. You can start checking on the brew around day 4/5. Using a straw withdraw some of the kombucha carefully and check for tartness. If it’s ready, remove SCOBY along with some started for your next batch. You can drink the Kombucha now or move onto the next step.

Step Four:

Flavor the tea with fresh fruit or juice, bottle, then set aside to ferment a second time for about 2-3 days before enjoying.

Personally I love the second fermentation. When it sits for the extra couple of days. When it’s covered the gas is trapped in the bottle and it develops a great fizziness almost like a soda.

Tips for Making Kombucha at Home

Some people are hesitant to make Kombucha at home, saying that it should be left to the professionals. But once you follow a proper guide you’ll be fine. Just note a few things:

  • You want to ensure that you store your SCOBY properly, such as in a SCOBY Hotel.
  • When brewing your batch you want to ensure that everything is sterile and clean. Free from soaps and other contaminants. These can cause your SCOBY to grow mold and then you’ll have to throw the whole batch out.
  • SCOBYs come in different sizes so get the right size for you batch. If you know someone who makes kombucha already, you can ask them for a SCOBY if they have. Every batch of kombucha produces a new SCOBY Baby so I’m sure they have. I know I’ve got lots! If not you can get starter kits on amazon and your local health store might have.

Just keep these things in mind you’ll be okay when brewing your next batch. For a more in-depth look at batch brewing kombucha at home. You can check out our ebook: A Quick Start Guide to Batch Brewing Kombucha at Home. Available in kindle, paperback or PDF here.

To get you started brewing, check out our master sweet tea recipe below.

And if you’re looking for more recipes get our free Easy Kombucha Recipe Guide Here.

Hope you take the leap and try making kombucha at home.

Happy Brewing, Love always,

How to Make Kombucha at Home
Yield: 1 gallon

How to Make Kombucha at Home

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Additional Time: 7 days 5 seconds
Total Time: 7 days 30 minutes 5 seconds

Start your kombucha at hoem with this easy recipe for Master Sweet Tea.


  • 12 cups bottled
  • or purified water
  • 6-7 Black Tea Bags
  • ¾ cup sugar
  • 1 ½- 2 cups starter
  • 1 medium - large SCOBY


    1. In a medium pot or sauce pan, add 4 cups of water. Bring just to a boil, then remove from heat and add tea bags.
    2. Let steep for 10 minutes then remove from pot and add granulated sugar and stir to dissolve.
    3. Transfer the sweetened tea to a clean 1 gallon brewing vessel. Add the remaining 8 cups of water. Let tea mixture cool until it is room temperature.
    4. Add the starter to the brewing vessel. Making sure your hands are clean, carefully place the SCOBY on top of the liquid. It’s okay if it sinks or floats.
    5. Cover with fabric covering, secure with a rubber band and place in a dark warm place away from sunlight. A cupboard in the kitchen would work.
    6. After 3-4 days begin checking on your brew. A baby SCOBY would have started to form. Taste the brew using a straw to remove the liquid. If the brew is ready you can move forward. If it’s still sweet, let ferment for a few more days, checking until desired flavor and sweeteners.

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