Have your cake and bake it too!


Wouldn’t it be great to go into a bakery and be able to order any cake off the menu without thinking: Is this going to make me sick? Those bakeries are few and very far between, but being able to make my own cake and not get sick is a definite possibility!

I love to bake! And there is something so comforting in know that when you follow a cake recipe, combine the ingredients just as they say and bake at the right temperature that the result is something edible and delicious you can enjoy. I mean, what is more enjoyable than a slice of warm cake covered in frosting???

However, I do know that baking isn’t for everyone and it can seem daunting when a recipe says, “use a stand or hand mixer” and all you’ve got is your hand and a whisk. But don’t get discouraged, not all recipes are like that, and if you want to try your hand at cake or cupcake baking, we’ve got a recipe for you.

Here are 5 of our Favourtie Cake/Cupcake Recipes at Off The Wheaten Path. Happy baking Foodies and remember: LIFE IS SHORT, SO EAT CAKE!!

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1. Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes

The Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes are hands down of my favorite cakes to make and eat!! It only needs one bowl, plus it’s so good you can’t even tell its gluten free! Perfect when you need dessert in a hurry.

2. Banana Carrot Loaf Cake

The best of both worlds…especially if you love carrot cake and banana bread…this loaf cake is super moist & delicious.

3.Upside Down Apple Loaf Cake

Add some spice to your dessert game with the elegant but delicious Apple Loaf Cake. It make look complicated, but it’s super easy and vegan too!

4.Humming Bird Cake

Disclaimer: No Humming Birds were harmed in the making of this cake! Another show stopper, this cake is filled with fruit, nuts and a whole lot of yum!

5. Lemon Sponge Loaf

If you like lemon this cake is for you!! Full of lemon flavor from the juice, to the zest to the infused oil, you can’t miss the flavor of this cake. Made only better with the cream cheese basil frosting!

If you want to try more cakes, check out some of these other recipes on the blog: 

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