In The Garden: TOMATOES


Have you ever wondered about growing your own food? For most people it seems like a daunting task. Especially when you have to consider, mixing the soil, sowing the seeds, fertilizing the plants and then the dreaded pesticide for when those pesky bugs come after your plants. Just thinking about it can seem like an overwhelming task for most.

But what if you could grow your own plants in a bucket, using just a few items and a ready mix fertilizer and end up with veggies and greens that look like this…

Well I’m here to show and tell you how easy it can be! My dad and I have a definite green thumb. And when I was diagnosed with chemical allergies, when decided to up our growing game and go all the way natural and pesticide free. But let me tell you, it was a lot more difficult that it sounds. Especially as we were growing in soil.

Coco Peat Growing Medium

Through our first growing process, we discovered that soil can have diseases depending on where it came from, we may need to treat the soil; which meant chemicals, and then sometimes there was either a lack of nutrients or a surplus which resulted in our plants not growing at their fullest potential.

So what did we do??

We went back to the drawing board and that is when we discovered the beauty of Hydroponic growing. There are many types of Hydroponic systems, but the one that we decide to try was the drain to waste.

With this system, we were able to use a sterile growing medium, add the fertilizers that we wanted and control the pests, allowing us to have an all natural, pesticide free crop. And after a few tries and tweaks the final result was amazing! We got pounds of tomatoes, crunchy greens and flavourful herbs that surpassed anything we bought in the store. And the best part is, it’s so much easier than you think.

So we decided to make an introductory tutorial showing how we set up the system. We’re still working on the nutrient blend video, as well as the one for the pest control which should be coming soon. As well as we’ll be packaging the entire tutorial for download. But we hope you enjoy this little glimpse into the world of our Hydroponic Tomatoes to get your feet wet and fingers dirty into growing your own food. Enjoy!!!

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